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Note: Please print these instructions for future reference.


SCR Associates is an information technology consulting firm that offers IT solutions and training for small- and medium-sized companies. SCR’s slogan is “We Know IT!” SCR needs an information system to manage training operations at the new SCR training center. The new system will be called TIMS (Training Information Management System). As a newly hired systems analyst, you will report to Jesse Baker, systems group manager. The systems group handles application development, software solutions, and operation systems. You will work on various projects, handle assignments, and practice the skills you learned in each text chapter.

Using the Case

The SCR Associates case study is a Web-based simulation that allows you to practice your skills in a real-world environment. This case study transports you to SCR’s company intranet, where you can complete 11 work sessions, each aligning with a chapter from the textbook. All 11 sessions share a common pool of resources, so you can start the case in Session 1 or begin at any convenient point. As you work on the case, you will receive e-mail, voice mail messages, complete a list of tasks, explore the company Internet site, and access information from company libraries.

Logging-on to SCR’s Intranet site

You can access SCR’s company Intranet by going to or from a link on the SCR Internet site. You will need to log into this site by doing the following:

  1. Type your first name in the First Name text field.
  2. Next, type your last name in the Last Name text field.
  3. Type your password (the password is located in the preface of the textbook) in the Password text field. While you are typing in the password, the letters will not appear on the screen; instead, stars will be substituted for characters.
  4. Finally, click the Login button to enter the SCR Associates intranet.

The SCR Intranet contains three main resources, described below:
TIMS Work Sessions:
Each of the eleven (11) work sessions contains an Inbox, Voice Mail, and a To Do List. The Inbox link enables you to read various e-mail messages that provide background about the case and will help you understand the tasks you must perform. The Voice Mail link provides access to voice mail messages you can download and listen to. The voice mail messages may provide hints or offer suggestions for the tasks you need to complete. The To Do List describes a set of specific tasks and activities for you to perform.

Each of the libraries contains information and resources that will help you complete your tasks.

  • The Data Library includes various documents, reports, and spreadsheets that you will need to complete your tasks.
  • The Forms Library is similar to the Forms Library on the main page of the SAD 7e Web site, have been customized to include an SCR logo.
  • The Resource Library contains many links to IT resources that can help you learn more about your tasks and add to your knowledge. The Resource Library is divided into three sections: Vendors (links to major hardware and software suppliers), IT News (links to various online publications and reports), and Other (links to various public and private organizations of interest to IT professionals).

Accessing SCR’s Internet site
You can access SCR’s Internet site from the link at the bottom of the SCR Intranet or by going to

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