Systems Analyis and Design 7e

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On the Web The On the Web feature connects you to additional information via the World Wide Web.

Learn It Online The Learn It Online exercises are games and activities that help you solidify your understanding of chapter content.

CASE-SIM: SCR Associates The SCR Associates case study is a Web-based simulation that allows you to practice your skills in a real-world environment. The case study transports you to SCR's company intranet, where you can complete 11 work sessions, each aligning with a chapter from the textbook. As you work on the case, you will receive e-mail and voice mail messages, complete a list of tasks, explore the company Internet site, and access information from company libraries.

Forms Library The Forms Library allows you to complete your assignments using Microsoft Word and Excel forms throughout all five phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle. Forms include systems request, systems requirements, design specifications, interviews, payback analysis, and much more.

Project Management Resources Library The Project Management Resources Library provides a basis for exploring further topics in project management.

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