HTML Fifth Edition

Practice Test Chapter 8
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____ is the default for the font-style property.
 A: Normal
 B: Oblique
 C: Bold
 D: Underline
To link a style sheet to a Web page, the <link /> tag must use "____" as the value for the rel property and text/css as the value for the type property.
 A: value
 B: type
 C: stylesheet
 D: style
To add an inline style sheet, you enter the ____ within the HTML tag to which you want to apply the style.
 A: element
 B: parameter
 C: declaration
 D: selector
If you want to change a single feature on one page, an ____ style sheet might be best.
 A: inline
 B: internal
 C: external
 D: embedded
A ____ is a series of rules that defines the style for a Web page or an entire Web site.
 A: font sheet
 B: style sheet
 C: value sheet
 D: link sheet
With an embedded style sheet, you add the style sheet within the ____ tags of the HTML document to define the style for an entire Web page.
 A: <body>
 B: <style>
 C: <head>
 D: <css>
To change the style of multiple pages in a Web site use an ____ style sheet.
 A: external
 B: embedded
 C: inline
 D: internal
____ is not an option that can be applied to border property.
 A: Size
 B: Color
 C: Width
 D: Style
The ____ selector defines the style of a link when the mouse pointer points to, or hovers over, a link.
 A: a:active
 B: a:link
 C: a:visited
 D: a:hover
The ____ Web page file generally provides links to all other Web pages in a Web site.
 A: contact.htm
 B: services.htm
 C: index.htm
 D: menu.htm
Within the style tag container, Web developers commonly agree to add ____ to ensure that proper action is taken if a browser does not support CSS.
 A: superscript tags
 B: HTML comment code
 C: line-through properties
 D: escape tags
A(n) ____ font is one that is slanted to the right by the browser.
 A: normal
 B: oblique
 C: bold
 D: underline
An ____ style sheet allows you to add a style to an individual HTML tag, such as a heading or paragraph.
 A: external
 B: inline
 C: embedded
 D: internal
If you want to change the style of all of the paragraphs on a Web page, it makes more sense to use an ____ style sheet.
 A: inline
 B: internal
 C: external
 D: embedded
An ____ allows you to create a text file that contains all of the styles you want to apply, and then saves the text file with the extension .css.
 A: embedded style sheet
 B: external style sheet
 C: inline style sheet
 D: none of the above
No matter what type of style sheet you use, you must use a ____ to define the style.
 A: style statement
 B: precedence statement
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
The part of the style statement that identifies how the element(s) should appear is called the ____.
 A: value
 B: property
 C: code
 D: declaration
Inline style sheets override ____ style sheets.
 A: embedded
 B: external
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
The ____ property is a good way to add additional space between words.
 A: word-spacing
 B: word-space
 C: word-break
 D: insert-space
The ____ value places a line above the text.
 A: line-through
 B: blink
 C: overline
 D: topline

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