HTML Fifth Edition

Practice Test Chapter 4
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Steps in creating tables for a Web page include ____.
 A: determining if a table is needed
 B: planning the table
 C: coding the table
 D: all of the above
In Windows Vista, Notepad is located in the ____ folder on the All Programs submenu of the Start menu.
 A: Control Panel
 B: My Documents
 C: Accessories
 D: My Computer
The ____ allows a Web developer to select which internal borders to show in a table.
 A: borders attribute
 B: internal attribute
 C: rules attribute
 D: column attribute
The bgcolor attribute can be used with the ____ tag.
 A: <table>
 B: <tr>
 C: <td>
 D: all of the above
In an HTML table, you can set attributes for ____.
 A: an entire row of information
 B: a single cell
 C: one or more cells within a row
 D: all of the above
To display a table as left-aligned in the Web page, use the ____ attribute and value of the <table> tag.
 A: border= "left"
 B: cols= "left"
 C: align= "left"
 D: valign= "left"
In an HTML table, a ____ is the intersection of a row and a column.
 A: row
 B: column
 C: cell
 D: border
The ____ attribute of the <table> tag defines the space between cells in pixels.
 A: align
 B: bgcolor
 C: border
 D: cellspacing
If no border attribute is specified in the <table> tag, then the table ____.
 A: is not drawn; the border attribute must be specified
 B: is borderless
 C: has a default border that is 10 pixels wide
 D: has a default border that is 1 pixel wide
Captions often appear _____.
 A: below a table
 B: to the right of the table
 C: to the left of the table
 D: in the table's footer
The HTML tags ____ indicate the start and end of a table row.
 A: <table> </table>
 B: <tr> </tr>
 C: <th> </th>
 D: <td> </td>
To determine the height and width of an image use ____.
 A: a paint program
 B: an image editing program
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
A table should be used ____.
 A: if it will help organize information in such a way that it is easier to read
 B: if a Web page needs to display a structured, organized list of information
 C: if a Web page includes text and images that need to be positioned in a very specific way
 D: all of the above
Using a border gives the image a ____ appearance, making the image appear to have a frame around it.
 A: flat
 B: holographic
 C: 3-D
 D: 2-D
Using the attribute and value rules= "none", creates a table with ____.
 A: no line around the outside of the table
 B: no internal rules
 C: vertical rules between each column in the table
 D: horizontal rules between each row in the table
The colspan attribute can be used with the ____ tag.
 A: <table>
 B: <tr>
 C: <td>
 D: all of the above
In an HTML table, a ____ is the line that encloses the perimeter of the table.
 A: table row
 B: table column
 C: table cell
 D: table border
The align attribute of the <tr> tag can take on the values left, center, right, and ____.
 A: top
 B: bottom
 C: justify
 D: all of the above
Since ____ give you more control over the placement of information and images, many popular Web sites use them.
 A: headers
 B: footers
 C: tables
 D: grids
The ____ attribute of the <table> tag defines the space within the cells in pixels.
 A: cellspacing
 B: cellpadding
 C: cols
 D: width

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