Adobe Photoshop CS3

Practice Test Chapter 1
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Color modes use a ____ to determine how to display and print colors.
 A: mixing method
 B: numerical method
 C: pixel method
 D: none of the above
You can click the Undo command or you can press ____ to undo the last edit.
 A: CTRL + X
 B: CTRL + Y
 C: CTRL + Z
 D: CTRL + Tab
Selections can be the entire photo or as small a portion as ____.
 A: one millimeter
 B: a square millimeter
 C: one pixel
 D: none of the above
To deselect a previous selection, ____.
 A: double click on the selection
 B: choose the deselect icon
 C: click the document window away from the selection
 D: none of the above
Metadata is divided into three categories that do NOT include ____.
 A: file information
 B: image use
 C: image creation data
 D: print information
A shortcut menu displays commands relevant to the ____.
 A: active tool
 B: selection
 C: palette
 D: all of the above
If a command on a menu has an arrow to its right edge, ____ displays another list of commands.
 A: a submenu
 B: a hidden command
 C: a hidden menu
 D: none of the above
The ____ contains buttons and boxes that allow you to perform tasks more quickly than using the menu bar.
 A: shortcut bar
 B: options bar
 C: command bar
 D: none of the above
The ____, also called the active image area, displays the active open file.
 A: photo window
 B: image window
 C: document window
 D: display window
A palette may display ____.
 A: buttons and boxes
 B: sliders and scroll bars
 C: drop-down lists
 D: all of the above
Photoshop encourages use of its own file format, ____.
 A: PSD which stands for Photoshop Document format
 B: PSF which stands for Photoshop File format
 C: APF which stands for Adobe Photoshop File
 D: none of the above
Photoshop keeps track of all your edits in the ____ palette.
 A: Help
 B: Gallery
 C: History
 D: Photo Album
Resolution refers to the number of pixels per ____.
 A: linear centimeter
 B: linear inch
 C: 1/10th of a linear centimeter
 D: 1/20th of a linear inch
Photoshop uses a mathematical process called ____, or resampling, when it changes the number of pixels.
 A: interpolation
 B: interpretation
 C: scanning
 D: dithering
Adobe ____ is a file exploration tool similar to Windows Explorer.
 A: Acrobat
 B: File Explorer
 C: File Finder
 D: Bridge
Adobe Systems Incorporated has a popular, image editing software called ____.
 A: Adobe Photoshop CS3
 B: Adobe Acrobat
 C: AdobePaint
 D: none of the above
The options bar is context sensitive which means it ____.
 A: changes when you select different tools
 B: changes when you select different photos
 C: changes when you select different colors
 D: all of the above
____ indicate keys you can press on the keyboard to perform the same tasks as clicking a command on the menu.
 A: Hidden commands
 B: Keyboard options
 C: Keyboard shortcuts
 D: none of the above
The options bar is ____ when it is attached to an edge of the Photoshop window.
 A: stuck
 B: linked
 C: docked
 D: floating
The title bar displays the ____.
 A: name of the file
 B: magnification
 C: color mode
 D: all of the above

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