Practice Test Project 5
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What is virtual reality?
 A: the use of edutainment software to create an artificial environment that appears and feels like a real environment
 B: the use of electronic reference materials
 C: the use of a computer to create an artificial environment that appears and feels like a real environment
 D: the use of simulations
What type of interactive whiteboard uses a Bluetooth wireless pad?
 A: a SchoolPad
 B: a SMART Board
 C: an e-zine
 D: an iLife
What music industry standard defines how digital musical devices represent sound electronically?
What term describes a nonlinear approach to instruction, in which alternative paths through a lesson are provided based on students' responses?
 A: remediation
 B: branching
 C: self-pacing
 D: tutoring
Which is an example of a practical, commercial use of virtual reality?
 A: a magazine in electronic format
 B: a business course taught on the Web
 C: a simulated showroom that lets customers wander around and inspect products
 D: a check-in station that allows travelers to pick up airline tickets using a credit card
Creating a digital media presentation involves ____.
 A: producing digital media elements
 B: defining elements relationships
 C: sequencing the elements
 D: all of the above
What does video consist of?
 A: visual frames that are played back at speeds of 15 to 60 frames per second
 B: visual frames that provide full motion in real-time
 C: an educational element required by most school districts for teaching students core subjects
 D: both a and b
What is special about Walden University?
 A: All of its classrooms are Web-enhanced.
 B: All of its courses are taught entirely online.
 C: Students learn through edutainment.
 D: Students learn using information kiosks.
What is Web-based training?
 A: the use of multimedia applications for educational purposes
 B: a form of distributed education
 C: an approach to computer-based training that uses the technologies of the Internet and the World Wide Web
 D: the delivery of education from one location to another
Which term describes a digital representation of nontextual information?
 A: link
 B: simulations
 C: graphics
 D: remediation
What is one way that video compression works?
 A: through use of the MIDI standard
 B: by deleting certain portions of a video in order to save time during playback
 C: by taking advantage of the fact that only a small portion of an image changes from frame to frame
 D: by creating a series of three-minute segments that can take an entire gigabyte of storage each
What is an open learning system?
 A: an integrated learning system in which students teach and teachers learn
 B: an integrated learning system that includes software titles from leading publishers
 C: an integrated learning system that focuses on providing students with remedial lessons
 D: an integrated learning system that combines educational simulation software with drill-and-practice lessons
Which term describes the delivery of education from one location to another?
 A: distance learning
 B: distributed learning
 C: distance education
 D: all of the above
What is instructor-led training?
 A: a form of self-paced training
 B: training that involves continuous interaction with an instructor
 C: training in which students learn entirely through the Web
 D: a form of Web-enhanced education
What is the popular standard for video compression and decompression?
What is an advantage of a creativity application?
 A: It encourages students to use imagination and ingenuity.
 B: It provides students with high-quality tutorials.
 C: It offers students a chance to use critical-thinking skills.
 D: It provides students with creative remedial lessons.
What term describes the combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, and video?
 A: multimedia
 B: Web-enhancement
 C: edutainment
 D: online learning
How is an online course taught?
 A: with Web-enhanced techniques
 B: mostly or completely on the Web
 C: in a classroom, with multimedia equipment
 D: through computer-based curricula
What does a digital media application involve?
 A: the use of video compression
 B: the use of digital media technology in education, business, and entertainment
 C: the use of curriculum-designing strategy for computer programming
 D: none of the above
What types of software applications are designed to provide students in grades PreK-3 with a developmental head start?
 A: remediation applications
 B: creativity applications
 C: critical-thinking applications
 D: early learning applications

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