Practice Test Project 5
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Which company offers the PowerPoint digital media authoring tool?
 A: Apple
 B: Microsoft
 C: Dell
 D: None of the above
What is remediation?
 A: the use of multimedia software in educational settings
 B: the use of drill-and-practice software
 C: reviewing content many times until a student grasps the concepts being taught
 D: the use of tutorials
What is a digitized version of a magazine available on the Web?
 A: an electronic reference text
 B: an e-book
 C: an e-zine
 D: a how-to guide
How do visual learners learn?
 A: They retain a higher percentage of material if they see the information represented through simulations.
 B: They retain a higher percentage of material if they see the information represented graphically.
 C: They retain a higher percentage of material if they see the information represented through software applications.
 D: They retain a higher percentage of material if they see the information represented through text.
A(n) ____ course has the combination of face-to-face class meetings and online course sessions.
 A: online
 B: blended
 C: virtual reality
 D: enhanced
What is computer-assisted instruction?
 A: software that assists teachers with self-paced learning
 B: software designed to help teach facts, information, and/or skills associated with subject-related materials
 C: software that first supplies factual information and then uses repetitive exercises
 D: software that uses virtual reality technology to convey subject-related materials
What is an electronic book?
 A: a book-sized computer that allows users to read, save, highlight, bookmark, and add notes to online text
 B: a book-sized computer that presents PowerPoint slide shows
 C: a tool for sending and receiving messages electronically
 D: none of the above
In a multimedia application, what function does a link serve?
 A: It allows users to access the program codes that run the application.
 B: It offers users the answers to test questions asked by edutainment software.
 C: It allows users to access information quickly and navigate from one topic to another in nonlinear fashion.
 D: none of the above
Which of the following uses text, graphics, sound, animation and video to explain a topic or provide additional information.
 A: iPod Books
 B: electronic reference text
 C: hyper-training
 D: digital media newspaper
In professional development terms, what is self-paced training?
 A: teachers using Web-enhanced courses to enrich students' learning experiences
 B: teachers using Web-enhanced courses to develop their own teaching skills
 C: teachers signing up for a specific online course and receiving credit after they complete the training
 D: teachers offering students a chance to learn using multimedia applications
What term describes computer-based models of real-life situations?
 A: multifunction situational software
 B: virtual reality applications
 C: simulations
 D: multimedia applications
What is digital media software?
 A: any computer-based presentation or application software that uses simulations
 B: any computer-based presentation or application software that uses multimedia elements
 C: any computer-based presentation or application software that relies on the World Wide Web
 D: any computer-based presentation or applications software that uses the principles of edutainment
What types of software applications are designed to provide students in grades PreK-3 with a developmental head start?
 A: remediation applications
 B: creativity applications
 C: critical-thinking applications
 D: early learning applications
How is an online course taught?
 A: with Web-enhanced techniques
 B: mostly or completely on the Web
 C: in a classroom, with multimedia equipment
 D: through computer-based curricula
What is the popular standard for video compression and decompression?
What is instructor-led training?
 A: a form of self-paced training
 B: training that involves continuous interaction with an instructor
 C: training in which students learn entirely through the Web
 D: a form of Web-enhanced education
What is an open learning system?
 A: an integrated learning system in which students teach and teachers learn
 B: an integrated learning system that includes software titles from leading publishers
 C: an integrated learning system that focuses on providing students with remedial lessons
 D: an integrated learning system that combines educational simulation software with drill-and-practice lessons
What is Web-based training?
 A: the use of multimedia applications for educational purposes
 B: a form of distributed education
 C: an approach to computer-based training that uses the technologies of the Internet and the World Wide Web
 D: the delivery of education from one location to another
What does video consist of?
 A: visual frames that are played back at speeds of 15 to 60 frames per second
 B: visual frames that provide full motion in real-time
 C: an educational element required by most school districts for teaching students core subjects
 D: both a and b
Creating a digital media presentation involves ____.
 A: producing digital media elements
 B: defining elements relationships
 C: sequencing the elements
 D: all of the above

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