Practice Test Chapter 3
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The workspace, also called the ____, can serve as a kind of drawing board to create new objects.
 A: scratch area
 B: scratch pad
 C: working window
 D: shape area
____ files are graphic pictures of each page.
 A: Encapsulated Postscript
 B: Graphic Postscript
 C: Encapsulated PrinterScript
 D: Photo Output
A(n) ____ is a special font option to add distinction to your text.
 A: scheme
 B: effect
 C: style
 D: selection
The AutoFit Text option called ____ allows Publisher to adjust the size of your text only when it is necessary to keep the text from overflowing.
 A: Do Not AutoFit
 B: Shrink Text On Overflow
 C: Overflow
 D: Best Fit
A ____, or pamphlet, is a high-quality document with lots of colors and graphics, used for advertising purposes.
 A: project
 B: billboard
 C: menu
 D: brochure
The ____ font effect has the selected text appear to be raised off the page in relief.
 A: Shadow
 B: Engrave
 C: Emboss
 D: All caps
The AutoFit Text option called ____ allows Publisher to adjust the size of the text as big as possible to fit the box or shape.
 A: Expand Text
 B: Big Text
 C: Best Fit
 D: Text Spacing
Brochures are professionally printed on special paper to provide ____ documents.
 A: long-lasting
 B: short shelf life
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
A ____ in Publisher consists of the text you type until you press the ENTER key.
 A: paragraph
 B: text segment
 C: line
 D: passage
To move objects a small amount, you can press and hold the ____ key while pressing the arrow keys to nudge objects to new positions.
 D: F6
Brochure cost is less prohibitive when produced ____ using desktop publishing rather that hiring an outside service.
 A: in-house
 B: out-of-house
 C: in-line
 D: in-time
____ refers to horizontal appearance and orientation of the edges of a paragraph.
 A: Spacing
 B: Alignment
 C: Baseline measurement
 D: Indentation
Publisher has a(n) ____ command that causes the master page not to display.
 A: No Master Page
 B: Hide Master Page
 C: Erase Master Page
 D: Ignore Master Page
The ____ displays check box choices and fields for comments, and blanks for up to four multiple-choice questions and a comment section.
 A: Response form
 B: Sign-up form
 C: Order Form
 D: Blank Form
____ determines the distance of the paragraph from either the left or right margins.
 A: Indentation
 B: Alignment
 C: Distribution
 D: Baseline measurement
A(n) ____ is a semi-transparent graphic, visible in the background on the printed page.
 A: watermark
 B: logo
 C: imprint
 D: master mark
The ____ displays check box choices, fields for time and price, as well as payment information.
 A: Response form
 B: Sign-up form
 C: Order form
 D: Blank form
____ determines the amount of space above or below a paragraph.
 A: Paragraph spacing
 B: Line spacing
 C: Baseline spacing
 D: Justified spacing
____ is a gallery of text styles that works with Publisher to create fancy text effects.
 A: SmartArt
 B: TextArt
 C: WordArt
 D: LogoArt
Creating a ____ means choosing your own colors to use in your publication.
 A: main color
 B: custom color scheme
 C: color palette
 D: color separator

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