Practice Test Chapter 3
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As you drag to create a text box, you can watch the size in the Object Size area of the ____.
 A: scroll bar
 B: tool bar
 C: status bar
 D: task pane
To move objects a small amount, you can press and hold the ____ key while pressing the arrow keys to nudge objects to new positions.
 D: F6
Brochure cost is less prohibitive when produced ____ using desktop publishing rather that hiring an outside service.
 A: in-house
 B: out-of-house
 C: in-line
 D: in-time
The way that text wraps, or adjusts itself around objects is called ____.
 A: text wrapping
 B: text warping
 C: round-about
 D: through wrapping
____ refers to horizontal appearance and orientation of the edges of a paragraph.
 A: Spacing
 B: Alignment
 C: Baseline measurement
 D: Indentation
A new printing technology called ____ printing uses toner instead of ink to reproduce a wide range of colors.
 A: digital
 B: prepress
 C: image setting
 D: color-match
As part of the autocorrect options, Publisher replaces two hyphens with a ____.
 A: comma
 B: backward slash
 C: question mark
 D: dash
Publisher has a(n) ____ command that causes the master page not to display.
 A: No Master Page
 B: Hide Master Page
 C: Erase Master Page
 D: Ignore Master Page
The ____ displays check box choices and fields for comments, and blanks for up to four multiple-choice questions and a comment section.
 A: Response form
 B: Sign-up form
 C: Order Form
 D: Blank Form
The ____ option removes all text wrapping formatting so that the text does not wrap around an object.
 A: No
 B: None
 C: No Wrap
 D: Straight Text
____ determines the distance of the paragraph from either the left or right margins.
 A: Indentation
 B: Alignment
 C: Distribution
 D: Baseline measurement
A ____ is used to accent a black-and-white publication.
 A: single color
 B: spot color
 C: helper color
 D: highlight color
Autocorrect options can be turned on or off from the ____ menu.
 A: Format
 B: Tools
 C: Edit
 D: View
A(n) ____ is a semi-transparent graphic, visible in the background on the printed page.
 A: watermark
 B: logo
 C: imprint
 D: master mark
The ____ displays check box choices, fields for time and price, as well as payment information.
 A: Response form
 B: Sign-up form
 C: Order form
 D: Blank form
____ wraps text around the perimeter and inside any open portions of the object.
 A: Through
 B: Tight
 C: Square
 D: Full wrap
____ determines the amount of space above or below a paragraph.
 A: Paragraph spacing
 B: Line spacing
 C: Baseline spacing
 D: Justified spacing
In ____ printing, the printer uses only one color of ink (usually black, but you can choose a different color if you want).
 A: black-and-white
 B: color-and-white
 C: color control
 D: signature
To apply formatting to multiple locations, ____ the Format Painter button so that it stays on.
 A: double-click
 B: single-click
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
____ is a gallery of text styles that works with Publisher to create fancy text effects.
 A: SmartArt
 B: TextArt
 C: WordArt
 D: LogoArt

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