Practice Test Chapter 3
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The ____ displays check box choices and fields for comments, and blanks for up to four multiple-choice questions and a comment section.
 A: Response form
 B: Sign-up form
 C: Order Form
 D: Blank Form
Desktop printers commonly use ____ bond paper, which means they use a lightweight paper.
 A: 10 lb.
 B: 20 lb.
 C: 30 lb.
 D: 40 lb.
The way that text wraps, or adjusts itself around objects is called ____.
 A: text wrapping
 B: text warping
 C: round-about
 D: through wrapping
When using the Format Painter, the mouse pointer displays a ____ until you apply the format by clicking somewhere else.
 A: paint bucket
 B: paintbrush
 C: paint palette
 D: scissors
Brochures are professionally printed on special paper to provide ____ documents.
 A: long-lasting
 B: short shelf life
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
____ is a gallery of text styles that works with Publisher to create fancy text effects.
 A: SmartArt
 B: TextArt
 C: WordArt
 D: LogoArt
Publisher reads the three-letter file ____ to recognize individual file formats.
 A: filters
 B: extensions
 C: bitmaps
 D: widows
Autocorrect options can be turned on or off from the ____ menu.
 A: Format
 B: Tools
 C: Edit
 D: View
____ files are graphic pictures of each page.
 A: Encapsulated Postscript
 B: Graphic Postscript
 C: Encapsulated PrinterScript
 D: Photo Output
Publisher has a(n) ____ command that causes the master page not to display.
 A: No Master Page
 B: Hide Master Page
 C: Erase Master Page
 D: Ignore Master Page
____ means converting colors and lines into digital impulses capable of being read by a computer.
 A: Extending
 B: Bitmapping
 C: Filtering
 D: Digitizing
As you drag to create a text box, you can watch the size in the Object Size area of the ____.
 A: scroll bar
 B: tool bar
 C: status bar
 D: task pane
The ____ Wizard guides you through the steps to collect and pack all the files the printing service needs and then compresses the files to fit on one or more disks.
 A: Go To Print
 B: Pack and Go
 C: Print Now
 D: Outsource
The AutoFit Text option called ____ allows Publisher to adjust the size of the text as big as possible to fit the box or shape.
 A: Expand Text
 B: Big Text
 C: Best Fit
 D: Text Spacing
____ determines the amount of space above or below a paragraph.
 A: Paragraph spacing
 B: Line spacing
 C: Baseline spacing
 D: Justified spacing
If a business name text box is a ____, it means that all business name text boxes change when you edit any one of them.
 A: harmonized object
 B: linked object
 C: synchronized object
 D: standard object
A ____ is used to accent a black-and-white publication.
 A: single color
 B: spot color
 C: helper color
 D: highlight color
The workspace, also called the ____, can serve as a kind of drawing board to create new objects.
 A: scratch area
 B: scratch pad
 C: working window
 D: shape area
____ refers to horizontal appearance and orientation of the edges of a paragraph.
 A: Spacing
 B: Alignment
 C: Baseline measurement
 D: Indentation
The ____ commonly is used for text in major eye-catching areas of the publication.
 A: main color
 B: secondary color
 C: accent color
 D: hyperlink color

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