Practice Test Chapter 3
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To apply formatting to multiple locations, ____ the Format Painter button so that it stays on.
 A: double-click
 B: single-click
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
A ____, or pamphlet, is a high-quality document with lots of colors and graphics, used for advertising purposes.
 A: project
 B: billboard
 C: menu
 D: brochure
A(n) ____ is a semi-transparent graphic, visible in the background on the printed page.
 A: watermark
 B: logo
 C: imprint
 D: master mark
A(n) ____ is the first line of a paragraph printed by itself at the bottom of a connected text box.
 A: widow
 B: orphan
 C: extension
 D: filter
As part of the autocorrect options, Publisher replaces two hyphens with a ____.
 A: comma
 B: backward slash
 C: question mark
 D: dash
____ is a page definition language that describes the document to be printed in language that the printer can understand.
 A: PostScript
 B: PrinterScript
 C: Encapsulated Text
 D: Output Text
To move objects a small amount, you can press and hold the ____ key while pressing the arrow keys to nudge objects to new positions.
 D: F6
You can use ____ to align text lines precisely across multiple columns.
 A: distributions
 B: baseline guides
 C: grid returns
 D: line spacers
A ____ is a combination of formatting characteristics, such as font size, colors, and formatting, which are named and stored for each font scheme.
 A: row
 B: trend
 C: style
 D: template
In ____ printing, the printer uses only one color of ink (usually black, but you can choose a different color if you want).
 A: black-and-white
 B: color-and-white
 C: color control
 D: signature
The AutoFit Text option called ____ allows Publisher to adjust the size of your text only when it is necessary to keep the text from overflowing.
 A: Do Not AutoFit
 B: Shrink Text On Overflow
 C: Overflow
 D: Best Fit
____ determines the distance of the paragraph from either the left or right margins.
 A: Indentation
 B: Alignment
 C: Distribution
 D: Baseline measurement
A ____ is a predefined set of harmonized colors that you can apply to text or objects.
 A: color style
 B: color scheme
 C: color parade
 D: color dialog
A new printing technology called ____ printing uses toner instead of ink to reproduce a wide range of colors.
 A: digital
 B: prepress
 C: image setting
 D: color-match
A ____ is a recognizable symbol that identifies you or your business.
 A: logo
 B: icon
 C: clip art file
 D: photo
A ____ in Publisher consists of the text you type until you press the ENTER key.
 A: paragraph
 B: text segment
 C: line
 D: passage
Creating a ____ means choosing your own colors to use in your publication.
 A: main color
 B: custom color scheme
 C: color palette
 D: color separator
When printing colors, desktop printers commonly use a color scheme called ____.
 D: Blade
____ wraps text around the perimeter and inside any open portions of the object.
 A: Through
 B: Tight
 C: Square
 D: Full wrap
A(n) ____ is a special font option to add distinction to your text.
 A: scheme
 B: effect
 C: style
 D: selection

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