Practice Test Project 4
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Hyperlinks are active when ____.
 A: you run the final presentation
 B: you are creating in Normal view
 C: you are in Slide Sorter view
 D: all of the above
Complex messages and formal settings call for ____ fonts.
 A: simple
 B: complex
 C: colorful
 D: none of the above
Audiences generally focus first on the ____ displayed on a slide.
 A: title text
 B: visual elements
 C: detailed text
 D: none of the above
The chapter recommended several tips that did NOT include ____.
 A: to use legends prominently to keep the chart clean
 B: to use two-dimensional charts over three-dimensional charts
 C: to use three-dimensional charts because the added design elements aid in comprehension
 D: to use bar and pie charts with general adult audiences
To resize columns drag the border ____.
 A: to the right of the column
 B: to the left of the column
 C: above the column
 D: below the column
Adding a ____ to a clip helps add visual interest.
 A: style
 B: utensil
 C: perspective
 D: none of the above
A color scheme contains ____ accent colors.
 A: 2
 B: 4
 C: 6
 D: 8
If you did not conduct the research yourself, you should give credit to ____.
 A: the library where the information was found
 B: the source of the information (i.e. publication name, author)
 C: the person who helped you find the information
 D: all of the above
The ____ chart style shows vertical bars that compare values over a period of time.
 A: Column
 B: Bar
 C: Line
 D: none of the above
The right reason to use a graphic does NOT include ____.
 A: to help the audience understand information
 B: to support information in your speech
 C: to enliven the presentation
 D: to help your audience retain information
Most fonts are ____ which means the spacing varies between the different letters.
 A: mono-spaced fonts
 B: proportionally spaced fonts
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
The ability to examine and assess images is referred to as ____.
 A: visual accuracy
 B: visual literacy
 C: visual analytics
 D: none of the above
If Microsoft Excel is not installed, PowerPoint opens ____ to develop a chart.
 A: Microsoft Graph
 B: Microsoft Chart
 C: Microsoft Word
 D: Microsoft Wordpad
To resize rows drag the border ____.
 A: at the bottom of a row
 B: at the top of a row
 C: to the right of a row
 D: to the left of a row
The chapter recommended making the hyperlinks ____ as a visual cue to the presenter.
 A: as large as possible
 B: as small as possible
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
The ____ color is the fundamental color of a PowerPoint slide.
 A: Background
 B: Text
 C: Accent
 D: Hyperlink
The weight of a border is measured in ____ which is the unit of measure used by the graphic arts industry.
 A: inches
 B: points
 C: pixels
 D: none of the above
The ____ chart style shows horizontal bars that compare two or more values to show how the proportions relate to each other.
 A: Column
 B: Bar
 C: Line
 D: none of the above
A grid consisting of rows and tables is a ____.
 A: chart
 B: table
 C: graph
 D: none of the above
Courier is an example of a ____ where the spacing between each letter is the same.
 A: mono-spaced font
 B: proportionally spaced font
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.

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