Practice Test Project 3
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The ____ file type is used to transfer formatted documents between applications.
 A: plain text format
 C: rich text format
 D: none of the above
____ is one color shade gradually progressing to another shade of the same color or one color progressing to another color.
 A: Tiling fill
 B: Texture fill
 C: Transparency
 D: Gradient fill
You can use ____ to move the background from the slide borders in varying percentage distances.
 A: move-overs
 B: offsets
 C: resets
 D: none of the above
The area at the top of the slide is called ____.
 A: a header
 B: a footer
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
You have the option of having the header and footer display on ____.
 A: all slides
 B: single slides
 C: all slides except the title slide
 D: all of the above
____ helps to add emphasis or depth to the characters.
 A: Graphics
 B: Affects
 C: Effects
 D: none of the above
The thickness of WordArt text increases in ____ increments.
 A: 1/4 inch
 B: 1/4 point
 C: 1/8 inch
 D: 1/8 point
The SmartArt Layout Type of ____ shows steps in a process or timeline.
 A: List
 B: Process
 C: Cycle
 D: Hierarchy
The SmartArt Layout Type of ____ illustrates connections.
 A: Hierarchy
 B: Relationship
 C: Matrix
 D: Pyramid
The Text pane consists of ____.
 A: the text that will appear in the SmartArt graphic
 B: the name of the graphic
 C: suggestions for what type of information is best suited for this type of visual
 D: all of the above
To move or nudge the text box in small, predefined increments hold down the ____ while pressing the arrow keys.
 A: CTRL key
 B: TAB key
 C: CTRL and TAB keys
 D: none of the above
Clip art pictures in the Microsoft Clip Organizer have the file extension ____.
 A: .mco
 B: .jpg
 C: .wmf
 D: .pic
When you disassemble a clip art picture in PowerPoint, it becomes a ____.
 A: drawing clip
 B: drawing object
 C: drawing graphic
 D: none of the above
When you pass artwork through a scanner it is considered ____ the art.
 A: breaking down
 B: pixelating
 C: digitizing
 D: none of the above
Bitmap graphics are also known as ____ images.
 A: raster
 B: detailed
 C: vector
 D: none of the above
Currently PowerPoint commands ____ percent of the presentations graphics software market.
 A: 75
 B: 85
 C: 95
 D: 99
The chapter suggested using Left-Brain / Right- Brain Content Concepts and explained that your brain's RIGHT hemisphere ____.
 A: responds to sensory information, such as images and music
 B: processes analytical information, such as math formulas
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
A slide's background is considered ____.
 A: texture
 B: fill
 C: gradient
 D: tiling
The smaller the tiling percentage, the ____ of times the image is repeated.
 A: smaller the number
 B: greater the number
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
____ uses a specific file or an image that simulates a material, such as cork, granite, marble or canvas.
 A: Picture fill
 B: Texture fill
 C: either a. or b.
 D: neither a. nor b.

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