Practice Test Project 3
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Use the ____ command to cut unwanted areas from any picture other than an animated GIF.
 A: Cut
 B: Crop
 C: Scissors
 D: Knife
The area at the bottom of a slide is called ____.
 A: a header
 B: a footer
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
The Text pane consists of ____.
 A: the text that will appear in the SmartArt graphic
 B: the name of the graphic
 C: suggestions for what type of information is best suited for this type of visual
 D: all of the above
The SmartArt features is part of Microsoft Office ____.
 A: Excel
 B: Word
 C: PowerPoint
 D: all of the above
As a default, ____ is displayed in the footer.
 A: the page number
 B: the date
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
____ are professionally designed effects to use with SmartArt graphics.
 A: SmartArt Effects
 B: SmartArt Styles
 C: SmartArt Gallery Art
 D: none of the above
Currently PowerPoint commands ____ percent of the presentations graphics software market.
 A: 75
 B: 85
 C: 95
 D: 99
You have the option of having the header and footer display on ____.
 A: all slides
 B: single slides
 C: all slides except the title slide
 D: all of the above
You can add meaningful text to a shape by inserting a ____.
 A: text pointer
 B: text box
 C: SmartArt graphic
 D: none of the above
The chapter advised to use WordArt ____.
 A: in moderation
 B: as much as possible
 C: on Title Slides only
 D: none of the above
WordArt allows you to add ____ to text.
 A: fills
 B: outlines
 C: effects
 D: all of the above
To move or nudge the text box in small, predefined increments hold down the ____ while pressing the arrow keys.
 A: CTRL key
 B: TAB key
 C: CTRL and TAB keys
 D: none of the above
Imported outlines can contain up to ____ outline levels, whereas PowerPoint outlines have six levels.
 A: 5
 B: 7
 C: 8
 D: 9
The WordArt ____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.
 A: outline
 B: border
 C: shadow
 D: none of the above
Disassembling a clip art picture, also called ____, separates one object into multiple objects.
 A: Ungrouping
 B: Undoing
 C: resetting
 D: none of the above
The chapter suggested using Left-Brain / Right- Brain Content Concepts and explained that your brain's RIGHT hemisphere ____.
 A: responds to sensory information, such as images and music
 B: processes analytical information, such as math formulas
 C: both a. and b.
 D: neither a. nor b.
____ helps to add emphasis or depth to the characters.
 A: Graphics
 B: Affects
 C: Effects
 D: none of the above
Vector and bitmap are examples of ____.
 A: graphic applications
 B: graphic formats
 C: font styles
 D: none of the above
Microsoft Word 2007 files use the extension ____ in their file names.
 A: .docx
 B: .doc
 C: .007
 D: .msw
To select more than one area of text, press and hold the ____ key while you select the additional text.
 D: none of the above

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