Practice Test Project 1
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The AutoCorrect feature works behind the scenes correcting which of the following mistakes?
 A: Corrects two initial capital letters by changing the second one to lowercase
 B: Capitalizes the names of the days
 C: Replaces commonly misspelled words with their correct spelling
 D: All of the above
You view the portion of the worksheet displayed on the screen through a(n) ____.
 A: active window
 B: worksheet window
 C: cell
 D: active cell menu
To enter a number as text, start the entry with a(n) ____.
 A: asterisk
 B: hyphen
 C: semicolon
 D: apostrophe
The ____, located near the top of the Excel window, is the control center in Excel.
 A: Ribbon
 B: Control bar
 C: Home tab
 D: Mode bar
The small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around the active cell is called the ____.
 A: relative reference
 B: source area
 C: range
 D: fill handle
A column letter above the grid, also called a ____, identifies each column.
 A: column heading
 B: column reference
 C: cell heading
 D: table reference
In ____ mode, as you type a character, Excel inserts the character and moves all characters to the right of the typed character one position to the right.
 A: Insert
 B: Overtype
 C: Right-Align
 D: Push Right
Each worksheet in a workbook has ____ rows.
 A: 100
 B: 32,767
 C: 65,536
 D: 1,048,576
The ____ contains areas where you can view and enter document properties.
 A: Action Window
 B: Normal View
 C: Property Window
 D: Document Information Panel
A ____ is a list of commands.
 A: tab
 B: Key Tip
 C: menu
 D: dialog box
The process of editing a cell contents directly in the cell is called ____.
 A: Edit mode
 B: in-cell editing
 C: cell editing
 D: internal editing
The ____ is a blinking vertical line that indicates where the next typed character will appear.
 A: insertion point
 B: Key Tip
 C: active cell
 D: Ribbon
Which of the following is not a valid entry into a cell that requires numbers?
 A: +
 B: E
 C: #
 D: $
In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyphen, or space is considered ____ .
 A: a formula
 B: text
 C: a name
 D: a title
A(n) ____ is a window that contains additional commands and can stay open and visible while you work on a worksheet.
 A: Ready window
 B: task pane
 C: Excel pane
 D: action window
Excel's ____ function allows you to add all of the numbers in a range of cells.
The default view in Excel is ____ view.
 A: Work
 B: Auto
 C: Normal
 D: Roman
To emphasize certain entries and make the worksheet easier to read and understand, you ____ the worksheet.
 A: format
 B: edit
 C: print
 D: proofread
The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data is called a ____.
 A: tab
 B: cell
 C: box
 D: range
To move the insertion point to the beginning of data in a cell, press ____.
 A: Begin
 B: Page Up
 C: End
 D: Home

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