Practice Test Chapter 6
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A(n) ____ reference is a formula that depends on its own value.
 A: nested
 B: braced
 C: circular
 D: absolute
A series of Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, etc. would be considered a ____.
 A: data series
 B: date series
 C: fill series
 D: growth series
A ____ is printed at the bottom of every page in a printout.
 A: header
 B: footer
 C: margin
 D: comment
The ____ command on the Paste Button Menu pastes the value of the formula from the source area, but not the formulas or formats.
 A: Values Only
 B: Paste Values
 C: Data
 D: Paste Special
You can display tomorrow's date in a cell by using ____.
 A: NEXT DAY ( )
 B: NOW ( ) + 1
 C: TODAY ( )
A(n) ____ allows you to point out a large item or a group of items that you want to annotate.
 A: bracket
 B: brace
 C: arrow
 D: drill
The ____ allows you to create shadowed, skewed, rotated, and stretched text on a chart.
 A: Edit menu
 B: Customize command
 C: ChartWizard
 D: WordArt tool
When a Page Break preview appears, you can drag the ____ boundaries to new locations to move them.
 A: blue
 B: red
 C: green
 D: yellow
To create a workspace file, click the Save Workspace button on the ____ tab on the Ribbon.
 A: File
 B: View
 C: Data
 D: Worksheet
The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called ____.
 A: joining
 B: gathering
 C: consolidation
 D: merging
Which of the following can you drill an entry down through a workbook?
 A: Formula
 B: Function
 C: Format
 D: All of the above
The ____ option on the Paste menu will paste the cell reference of the source area in the destination area.
 A: Paste Link
 B: Paste Special
 C: Values
 D: Transpose
The ____ button on the Design contextual tab on the Ribbon can be used to move a chart from a chart sheet to a worksheet.
 A: Move Chart
 B: Paste Chart
 C: Insert Object
 D: Link Chart
____ means that the cell contents must match the word exactly the way it is typed.
 A: Match case
 B: Match entire cell contents
 C: Replace
 D: Match as typed
The ____ serves as a digit placeholder in format codes.
 A: ampersand (&)
 B: number sign (#)
 C: dollar sign ($)
 D: question mark (?)
A range that spans two or more worksheets in a workbook is called a ____.
 A: double range
 B: 3-D range
 C: extended range
 D: multiple range
Which of the following is used to resize a text box or a WordArt object?
 A: WordArt handles
 B: Resize handles
 C: Formatting handles
 D: Picture handles
Excel inserts ____ that show the boundaries of what will print on each page.
 A: page limits
 B: page breaks
 C: solid lines
 D: tags
A ____ is a group of format specifications that are assigned to a name.
 A: style
 B: normal
 C: workbook
 D: format
To save a template using shortcut keys, press ____, type file name, select Excel Template in the Save as type box, select the save location, and click the Save button in the Save As dialog box.

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