Practice Test Chapter 6
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The ____ button on the Design contextual tab on the Ribbon can be used to move a chart from a chart sheet to a worksheet.
 A: Move Chart
 B: Paste Chart
 C: Insert Object
 D: Link Chart
____ means that you select multiple sheets and enter information into a cell so that Excel will duplicate the entry in the same cell on all selected sheets.
 A: Combining an entry
 B: Duplicating an entry
 C: Drilling an entry
 D: Copying an entry
To create a workspace file, click the Save Workspace button on the ____ tab on the Ribbon.
 A: File
 B: View
 C: Data
 D: Worksheet
A series of format symbols that defines how a format displays is called a ____.
 A: format sequence
 B: format key
 C: format rule
 D: format code
A(n) ____ is printed at the top of every page in a printout.
 A: brace
 B: arrow
 C: footer
 D: header
The ____ option on the Paste menu will paste the formulas and formats from the source area, but switch the columns and rows.
 A: Formulas
 B: Paste Special
 C: Switch
 D: Transpose
A ____ saves information about all the workbooks that are open.
 A: workspace file
 B: temporary file
 C: holding file
 D: windows file
The ____ serves as a digit placeholder in format codes.
 A: ampersand (&)
 B: number sign (#)
 C: dollar sign ($)
 D: question mark (?)
____ can be changed to increase or decrease the white space surrounding the printed worksheet or chart.
 A: Footers
 B: Margins
 C: Braces
 D: Annotation
The ____ option on the Paste menu will paste the cell reference of the source area in the destination area.
 A: Paste Link
 B: Paste Special
 C: Values
 D: Transpose
The linked workbooks are called the ____.
 A: primary workbooks
 B: original workbooks
 C: dependent workbooks
 D: source workbooks
A(n) ____ in a format code ensures that a decimal point will display in the number.
 A: asterisk (*)
 B: comma (,)
 C: period (.)
 D: number sign (#)
When a Page Break preview appears, you can drag the ____ boundaries to new locations to move them.
 A: blue
 B: red
 C: green
 D: yellow
If you are summing numbers on contiguous sheets, hold down the ____ key when selecting the sheets.
 D: Page Down
The ____ command on the Paste Button Menu pastes the value of the formula from the source area, but not the formulas or formats.
 A: Values Only
 B: Paste Values
 C: Data
 D: Paste Special
Excel assigns the ____ style to all cells when you open a new workbook.
 A: Normal
 B: Comma
 C: Percent
 D: Standard
The ____ define(s) the appearance and format of a page.
 A: header
 B: footer
 C: page setup
 D: margins
Which of the following can be used to annotate other objects or elements in a worksheet or chart?
 A: Brace
 B: Arrow
 C: Text box
 D: All of the above
A ____ is a group of format specifications that are assigned to a name.
 A: style
 B: normal
 C: workbook
 D: format
Which of the following can you drill an entry down through a workbook?
 A: Formula
 B: Function
 C: Format
 D: All of the above

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