Practice Test Chapter 6
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____ means that the cell contents must match the word exactly the way it is typed.
 A: Match case
 B: Match entire cell contents
 C: Replace
 D: Match as typed
A(n) ____ is printed at the top of every page in a printout.
 A: brace
 B: arrow
 C: footer
 D: header
Which of the following can be used to annotate other objects or elements in a worksheet or chart?
 A: Brace
 B: Arrow
 C: Text box
 D: All of the above
A(n) ____ allows you to point out a large item or a group of items that you want to annotate.
 A: bracket
 B: brace
 C: arrow
 D: drill
To save a template using shortcut keys, press ____, type file name, select Excel Template in the Save as type box, select the save location, and click the Save button in the Save As dialog box.
The linked workbooks are called the ____.
 A: primary workbooks
 B: original workbooks
 C: dependent workbooks
 D: source workbooks
A ____ is printed at the bottom of every page in a printout.
 A: header
 B: footer
 C: margin
 D: comment
Which of the following is used to resize a text box or a WordArt object?
 A: WordArt handles
 B: Resize handles
 C: Formatting handles
 D: Picture handles
____ means that you select multiple sheets and enter information into a cell so that Excel will duplicate the entry in the same cell on all selected sheets.
 A: Combining an entry
 B: Duplicating an entry
 C: Drilling an entry
 D: Copying an entry
Excel assigns the ____ style to all cells when you open a new workbook.
 A: Normal
 B: Comma
 C: Percent
 D: Standard
The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called ____.
 A: joining
 B: gathering
 C: consolidation
 D: merging
A(n) ____ is a reference to a cell or range of cells in another workbook.
 A: object
 B: arrow
 C: link
 D: drill down
____ can be changed to increase or decrease the white space surrounding the printed worksheet or chart.
 A: Footers
 B: Margins
 C: Braces
 D: Annotation
The ____ allows you to create shadowed, skewed, rotated, and stretched text on a chart.
 A: Edit menu
 B: Customize command
 C: ChartWizard
 D: WordArt tool
You can have up to ____ worksheets in a workbook.
 A: 30
 B: 60
 C: 255
 D: limited only by the amount of memory in your computer
To copy the contents of a cell to the cell directly below it, click in the destination cell and press ____.
The ____ command on the Paste Button Menu pastes the value of the formula from the source area, but not the formulas or formats.
 A: Values Only
 B: Paste Values
 C: Data
 D: Paste Special
Excel inserts ____ that show the boundaries of what will print on each page.
 A: page limits
 B: page breaks
 C: solid lines
 D: tags
To connect an object to an item that you want to annotate, you can use a(n) ____.
 A: blue line
 B: dotted line
 C: WordArt object
 D: arrow
The ____ option on the Paste menu will paste the formulas and formats from the source area, but switch the columns and rows.
 A: Formulas
 B: Paste Special
 C: Switch
 D: Transpose

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