Practice Test Chapter 1
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A file name can have a maximum of ____ characters.
 A: 32
 B: 100
 C: 260
 D: 1024
To display formatting marks, press ____.
A point is approximately ____ of an inch in height.
 A: 1/72
 B: 1/64
 C: 1/32
 D: 1/16
To display different portions of your document in the document window, use the ____.
 A: insertion point
 B: status bar
 C: rulers
 D: scroll bars
To delete an incorrect character in a document, ____ to erase to the right of the insertion point.
 A: press the left mouse key
 B: double-click the right mouse key
 C: press the BACKSPACE key
 D: press the DELETE key
The mouse pointer shape changes to a two-headed arrow when positioned on a ____.
 A: graphic
 B: chart
 C: sizing handle
 D: scroll bar
To scroll down one line, ____.
 A: click the scroll arrow at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar
 B: click anywhere below the scroll box on the vertical scroll bar
 C: click View, then select Down One Line
To minimize the risk of injury to your wrists, use the ____ to scroll if your fingers are already on the keyboard.
 A: mouse
 B: keyboard keys
 C: mouse wheel
 D: scroll box
A ____ wavy underline indicates that text may be incorrect grammatically.
 A: red
 B: green
 C: blue
 D: yellow
If you type a word that is not in Word's dictionary, a ____ wavy underline appears below the word.
 A: green
 B: red
 C: blue
 D: black
A blinking vertical bar that shows where text will be inserted as you type is called a(n) ____.
 A: mouse pointer
 B: insertion point
 C: end mark
 D: status bar
To close the entire Word document and start over, click the Office Button, then click ____.
 A: Save As
 B: Save
 C: Close
 D: Exit
To resize a graphic you have inserted into a document, first select the graphic, then ____.
 A: drag the sizing handles
 B: drag the move handles
 C: click the sizing handles
 D: double-click the move handles
The ____ button on the Quick Access Toolbar allows you to cancel your recent commands or actions.
 A: Search
 B: Cut
 C: Document
 D: Undo
The Spelling and Grammar Status icon displays a ____ if there is a possible error.
 A: green X
 B: red X
 C: a red check mark
 D: a black check mark
To display a list of corrections for flagged text, ____ the flagged text.
 A: right-click
 B: left-click
 C: double-click
 D: drag
A character that displays on the screen but not on a printed document is called a ____.
 A: nonprinting mark
 B: formatting character
 C: formatting mark
 D: blank character
Which of the following is a component of Word that allows you to make your work more efficient and documents more professional?
 A: Mini toolbar
 B: Ribbon
 C: Office Button
 D: all of the above
A ____ consists of a group of frequently used styles formatted so they look pleasing when used together.
 A: font
 B: key
 C: theme
 D: style set
Document properties, also known as ____, can include such information as the project author, title, or subject.
 A: theme
 B: key tips
 C: keywords
 D: metadata

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