Practice Test Project 1
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If a Web page you are trying to view is taking too long to transfer and you want to stop it, click the ____ button on the toolbar.
 A: Delete
 B: Stop
 C: Refresh
 D: none of the above
____ is a program that tracks the actions you take on your computer and sends them to a third party.
 A: Adware
 B: Third-party-ware
 C: Spyware
 D: Phishware
The ____ is a new feature for Internet Explorer and allows you to perform a search on the World Wide Web.
 A: Search Now box
 B: Instant Search box
 C: Command Search box
 D: AutoSearch box
The connection between your computer at home and your local ISP is called ____.
 A: the last mile
 B: the home stretch
 C: the home page
 D: the backbone
Press ____ to move the insertion point to the Address box, or to highlight the URL in the Address box.
The ____ is a worldwide collection of networks.
 A: Internet
 B: Intranet
 C: Internet Protocol
 D: Backbone
You click the ____ button to minimize the Microsoft Internet Explorer window.
 A: Resume
 B: Maximize
 C: Minimize
 D: Reduce
A(n) ____ takes the URL associated with a link, locates the computer containing the Web page, and then reads the HTML codes to display a Web page.
 A: browser
 B: protocol
 C: explorer
 D: navigator
A ____ identifies the inactive window.
 A: "circle with a line through it" symbol
 B: light title bar
 C: flashing title bar
 D: none of the above
The ____ domain name extension is used for nonprofit organizations.
 A: .com
 B: .edu
 C: .org
 D: .nfp
____ is a word processing program that is supplied with Microsoft Windows.
 A: WordPad
 B: TextPad
A ____ is a set of rules.
 A: resource locator
 B: domain
 C: hypertext
 D: protocol
The ____ list contains the names of all Web pages in the order they were displayed during the current session.
 A: In order
 B: Go to
 C: Forward
 D: none of the above
Each Web page has a unique address called a(n) ____.
 C: IP
____ is text that displays in place of an image if a user configures his or her browser not to display images.
 A: Image text
 B: Alternate text
 C: Picture text
 D: Pop-up text
Graphics, text, and other hypermedia available at a Web site are stored in a file called a ____.
 B: Web page
 C: link
 D: Protocol
____ contain buttons that allow you to perform frequently-used tasks more quickly than using the menu bar.
 A: Path bars
 B: Toolkit bars
 C: Toolbars
 D: Tab bar
A(n) ____ is composed of several computers connected together to share resources and data.
 A: Internet
 B: network
 C: backbone
 D: hyperlink
To select a command on a menu, click the command name or press the ____ shown to the right of some commands on the menu.
 A: shortcut icon
 B: title key
 C: keyboard shortcut
 D: system icon
To start Internet Explorer, ____ on the Windows taskbar, point to All Programs, and then point to Internet Explorer.
 A: double click the Internet Explorer button
 B: click the Start button
 C: right click My Computer
 D: all of the above

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