HTML Sixth Edition

Practice Test Chapter 6
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If you want to group required versus optional information on a form, you can do this by using the ____ tag.
 A: < list >
 B: < fieldset >
 C: < grouping >
 D: < organize >
The ____ tag creates a multi-line text input box.
 A: < line / >
 B: < form / >
 C: < textarea / >
 D: < inputbox / >
To have a form sent to an e-mail address the correct syntax is action="____".
A ____ control creates a field that allows multiple lines of input.
 A: fieldarea
 B: textarea
 C: text
 D: fieldset
If you want a user to be able to add a comment on an order form, the best control to use would be a ____.
 A: check box
 B: textarea box
 C: text box
 D: radio button
A ____ control indicates only one item in a list can be chosen.
 A: textarea
 B: radio
 C: checkbox
 D: select
If the number of options from which a Web page visitor can choose is very large, a good choice would be to use the ____ tag before the first < option > tag.
 A: < selectgroup >
 B: < optgroup >
 C: < optlist >
 D: < select >
The ____ method sends a separate data file with the name-value pairs to the URL indicated in the action attribute.
 A: get
 B: post
 C: allow
 D: method
If you use default values in your tags, and a customer hits the Reset button, the default values ____.
 A: stay the same
 B: are erased
 C: all are set to zero
 D: all are set to ten
The < option > tag specifies a choice in a ____ tag.
 A: < chose >
 B: < legend >
 C: < form >
 D: < select >
When a user hits the Submit button, and the data is sent to the indicated e-mail address, the data file is named ____ by default.
 A: Getdata.isp
 B: Postdata.att
 C: Getdata.att
 D: Postdata.isp
A ____ control helps to group related form elements together.
 A: fieldarea
 B: textarea
 C: text
 D: fieldset
When you want your user to make a clear yes or no choice, the best control to use would be ____.
 A: a text box
 B: radio buttons
 C: check boxes
 D: a text area
A ____ control indicates the number of rows and columns for the area.
 A: textarea
 B: radio
 C: checkbox
 D: select
The ____ attribute of the < form > control indicates the location at which the resource will be displayed.
 A: location
 B: position
 C: value
 D: target
A text box allows for ____.
 A: zero to 100 lines of input
 B: no lines of input
 C: up to five lines of input
 D: a single line of input
The default value for the < legend > alignment is ____.
 A: right
 B: left
 C: center
 D: none
The ____ tag creates a menu of choices from which a visitor selects.
 A: < select >
 B: < choice >
 C: < visitor >
 D: < listmenu >
When creating a Submit button, the ____ attribute is used to indicate the text that appears on the button face.
 A: method
 B: value
 C: get
 D: post
The ____ button clears any input that was entered in the form, and resets the input controls back to the defaults.
 A: Redo
 B: Undo
 C: Reset
 D: Submit

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