HTML Sixth Edition

Practice Test Chapter 6
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The default value for the < legend > alignment is ____.
 A: right
 B: left
 C: center
 D: none
When using a select control, if you do not specify a size attribute, ____.
 A: each option must be no more than 10 spaces
 B: five options are displayed when clicking the list arrow
 C: each option must be no more than 15 spaces
 D: one option is displayed when clicking the list arrow
A ____ control creates a drop-down list of choices from which a visitor can select an option or options.
 A: textarea
 B: radio
 C: checkbox
 D: select
When you want your user to make a clear yes or no choice, the best control to use would be ____.
 A: a text box
 B: radio buttons
 C: check boxes
 D: a text area
Form statements start with the ____ tag.
 A: < statement >
 B: < form >
 C: < start >
 D: < input >
A Submit button is created by using the attribute type= "submit" in a(n) ____ tag.
 A: < button / >
 B: < input / >
 C: < type / >
 D: < submit / >
The ____ method sends a separate data file with the name-value pairs to the URL indicated in the action attribute.
 A: get
 B: post
 C: allow
 D: method
A ____ input control can be a radio button, a check box, or a selection menu.
 A: gadget
 B: data
 C: text
 D: password
The ____ attribute of the < input / > control is used for text passwords
 A: readonly
 B: disabled
 C: secure
 D: selected
A ____ control creates a field that allows multiple lines of input.
 A: fieldarea
 B: textarea
 C: text
 D: fieldset
In a form data file, a(n) ____ strings together all of the name-value pairs to make them easier to read.
 A: %
 B: *
 C:  &
 D: +
The ____ tag creates a menu of choices from which a visitor selects.
 A: < select >
 B: < choice >
 C: < visitor >
 D: < listmenu >
If you want to group required versus optional information on a form, you can do this by using the ____ tag.
 A: < list >
 B: < fieldset >
 C: < grouping >
 D: < organize >
The default type of the < input / > tag is a ____.
 A: submit button
 B: check box
 C: text box
 D: radio button
A ____ control indicates the number of rows and columns for the area.
 A: textarea
 B: radio
 C: checkbox
 D: select
To select multiple choices, a user must first select one choice and then press and hold the ____ key while clicking other choices in the list.
A Web page form must include a ____.
 A: Submit button
 B: Reset button
 C: Undo Button
 D: textarea control
When a user hits the Submit button, and the data is sent to the indicated e-mail address, the data file is named ____ by default.
 A: Getdata.isp
 B: Postdata.att
 C: Getdata.att
 D: Postdata.isp
The ____ attribute of the < form > tag specifies the manner in which the data entered in the form is sent to the server to be processed.
 A: get
 B: post
 C: action
 D: method
To validate a form.html file, upload it at ____.

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