Practice Test Chapter 5
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The ____ function is used when the table direction is down the worksheet.
The ____ operator indicates that one of two criteria must be true.
 A: OR
A column that contains formulas or functions is called a ____ column.
 A: function
 B: record
 C: calculated
 D: sorted
The field or fields you select to sort the records are called ____.
 A: primary fields
 B: filtered keys
 C: fields
 D: sort keys
You can hide columns by selecting them and then pressing ____.
 A: CTRL+0
The ____ function is used to count the number of numeric entries in a table field that pass a test.
In Excel, you can ____.
 A: create a table
 B: create forms and reports
 C: sort data in a table
 D: all of the above
When sorting, Excel uses the following order of priority:
 A: numbers, spaces, special characters, text, blanks
 B: special characters, numbers, spaces, text, blanks
 C: blanks, spaces, text, numbers, special characters
 D: numbers, text, special characters, blanks, spaces
The Conditional Formatting ____ dialog box allows you to view all of the rules for the current selection or an entire worksheet.
 A: Rules Manager
 B: Wizard
 C: AutoFilter
 D: Gallery
The ____ function returns the value or reference of the cell at the intersection of a particular row and column in a table or range.
Row ____ causes adjacent rows to have different formatting so that each row in the table is distinguished from surrounding rows.
 A: coding
 B: stepping
 C: pressing
 D: banding
The process of filtering activity based on one or more filter criteria is called a ____.
 A: minor
 B: query
 C: merging
 D: primary
The ____ check box on the Design tab allows you to insert a total row at the bottom of a table.
 A: Sum Column
 B: Total Row
 C: Sum Row
 D: Calculate Row
The field on which you sort prior to clicking the Subtotal button is called the ____.
 A: primary key
 B: control field
 C: merge range
 D: minor key
Excel allows you to refer to the column headings in formulas by placing the column heading in brackets and adding ____ to the beginning of the column name.
 A: @
 B: #
 C: $
 D: *
The ____ available in the AutoFilter menu allows you to enter custom criteria, such as multiple options or ranges.
 A: Custom Filter command
 B: Options and Ranges button
 C: Criteria command
 D: Custom button
A ____ is an organized collection of data.
 A: database
 B: function
 C: formula
 D: filter
Data is in ____ sequence if it is in order from lowest to highest.
 A: key
 B: ascending
 C: descending
 D: loop
To change an active table back to a normal range of cells, point to Table on a shortcut menu, and then click ____ on the Table submenu.
 A: Convert to Range
 B: Revert Table
 C: Undo Table
 D: Make Range
When copying records to another location, the location to where the records are copied is called the ____.
 A: extract range
 B: destination table
 C: Clipboard
 D: home record

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