Practice Test Chapter 5
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A column that contains formulas or functions is called a ____ column.
 A: function
 B: record
 C: calculated
 D: sorted
You can use the ____ to create a series in a table.
 A: fill handle
 B: drag and drop method
 C: Merge and Center button
 D: Go Series command
A range of blank rows or columns on the side of a table is called a ____.
 A: margin
 B: moat of cells
 C: border
 D: dead column
The process of filtering activity based on one or more filter criteria is called a ____.
 A: minor
 B: query
 C: merging
 D: primary
A ____ column is a column in a table in which each row uses a common formula that references other fields in the table.
 A: formatted
 B: sorted
 C: calculated
 D: banded
The ____ operator indicates that both parts of the criteria must be true.
 A: OR
To change an active table back to a normal range of cells, point to Table on a shortcut menu, and then click ____ on the Table submenu.
 A: Convert to Range
 B: Revert Table
 C: Undo Table
 D: Make Range
The ____ function is used to count the number of numeric entries in a table field that pass a test.
____ formatting allows you to create rules that change the formatting of a cell or range of cells based on the value of a particular cell.
 A: Object
 B: Conditional
 C: Banded
 D: Filtered
Excel’s ____ function tells you the relative position of an item in a range that matches a specified value in a specific order.
The ____ check box on the Design tab allows you to insert a total row at the bottom of a table.
 A: Sum Column
 B: Total Row
 C: Sum Row
 D: Calculate Row
A database is also called a ____.
 A: field
 B: record
 C: table
 D: column
Data is in ____ sequence if it is in order from highest to lowest.
 A: key
 B: ascending
 C: descending
 D: loop
In a table, each row in a worksheet can store a ____.
 A: record
 B: list
 C: field
 D: cell
When sorting, Excel uses the following order of priority:
 A: numbers, spaces, special characters, text, blanks
 B: special characters, numbers, spaces, text, blanks
 C: blanks, spaces, text, numbers, special characters
 D: numbers, text, special characters, blanks, spaces
The ____ list in the Modify Table Quick Style dialog box allows you to choose almost any aspect of a table to modify.
 A: Format
 B: Table Elements
 C: Table Aspect
 D: Format All
The item you deselect from the AutoFilter menu is called the ____.
 A: minor sort key
 B: drop item
 C: primary key
 D: filter criterion
Excel allows you to refer to the column headings in formulas by placing the column heading in brackets and adding ____ to the beginning of the column name.
 A: @
 B: #
 C: $
 D: *
The ____ operator indicates that one of two criteria must be true.
 A: OR
A value being looked up outside the range of the table causes the VLOOKUP function to return an error message ____ to the cell.
 A: ***********
 B: #N/A
 C: @@@@@@@
 D: error

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