Practice Test Chapter 1
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A Web page contains text, graphics, sound, or video and has built-in connections, or ____, to other Web documents.
 A: ties
 B: links
 C: bonds
 D: unions
All of the following are commonly used output devices except ____.
 A: a keyboard
 B: a printer
 C: a monitor
 D: speakers
People around the world are making use of the Internet to ____.
 A: send messages to other connected users
 B: access a wealth of information
 C: shop for goods and services
 D: all of the above
Some Web sites are called ____ because they allow users to create an online photo album, and they store digital photographs free of charge.
 A: photo-essays
 B: photo opportunities
 C: photo-offsets
 D: photo communities
____ write the instructions that direct a computer to process data into information.
 A: Programmers
 B: Systems analysts
 C: Users
 D: Digital assistants
In a large business, the employees in the ____ department have a huge responsibility: to keep the computers and the network running and determine when and if it requires new hardware or software.
 A: marketing
 B: accounting
 C: information systems
 D: all of the above
____ software allows data to be stored in an organized fashion, as well as the data to be retrieved, manipulated, and displayed in a variety of formats.
 A: Word processing
 B: Spreadsheet
 C: Database
 D: Presentation graphics
Efforts to narrow the gap in the ____ include establishing community training centers and supplying teachers and students with necessary technology.
 A: digital revolution
 B: program revolution
 C: digital divide
 D: program divide
An example of a(n) ____ is an uninstaller, which removes a program that has been installed on a computer.
 A: operating system
 B: application program
 C: user interface
 D: utility program
For an information system to provide accurate, timely, and useful information, the ____.
 A: hardware must be reliable and capable of handling the expected workload
 B: software must be developed carefully and tested thoroughly
 C: data entered must be accurate
 D: all of the above
With some programs, it is necessary to ____ a part or all of the software on the computer's hard disk before the program can be used.
 A: install
 B: annex
 C: execute
 D: service
Users with mobile computing needs, such as business travelers, often have a ____.
 A: mainframe
 B: notebook computer
 C: supercomputer
 D: desktop computer
A ____ is a type of compact disc that has tremendous storage capacities, enough for a full-length movie.
Today, the terms PC and compatible refer to any personal computer that ____.
 A: is based on specifications of the original IBM personal computer
 B: uses the Macintosh operating system
 C: is based on specifications of the original Apple personal computer
 D: uses a graphical user interface
____ holds data, instructions, and information for future use.
 A: Storage
 B: Memory
 C: Input
 D: Output
Web pages are accessed and viewed using a software program called a Web ____.
 A: enabler
 B: browser
 C: server
 D: scanner
The circuitry in the system unit usually is part of or is connected to a circuit board called the ____.
 A: billboard
 B: soundboard
 C: motherboard
 D: snowboard
Most users connect to the Internet in one of two ways: through a(n) ____.
 A: application service provider (ASP) or an online service provider (OSP)
 B: Internet service provider (ISP) or an network service provider (NSP)
 C: online service provider (OSP) or an Internet service provider (ISP)
 D: network service provider (NSP) or an application service provider (ASP)
Computer hardware includes all of the following except ____.
 A: input and output devices
 B: a system unit
 C: storage and communications devices
 D: application programs
Some programming languages, such as ____, allow programmers to develop applications that run on the Internet.
 B: JavaScript
 D: Visual Basic

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