Practice Test Chapter 1
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____ software allows data to be stored in an organized fashion, as well as the data to be retrieved, manipulated, and displayed in a variety of formats.
 A: Word processing
 B: Spreadsheet
 C: Database
 D: Presentation graphics
____ can be purchased off the shelf from stores that sell computer products.
 A: Packaged software
 B: Freeware
 C: Public-domain software
 D: Shareware
Some programming languages, such as ____, allow programmers to develop applications that run on the Internet.
 B: JavaScript
 D: Visual Basic
People around the world are making use of the Internet to ____.
 A: send messages to other connected users
 B: access a wealth of information
 C: shop for goods and services
 D: all of the above
One of the more popular segments of the Internet is the ____, which contains billions of electronic documents.
 A: World Wide Web (WWW)
 B: Great Global Gate (GGG)
 C: Plentiful Planetary Portal (PPP)
 D: Terrific Terrestrial Tune (TTT)
Web pages are accessed and viewed using a software program called a Web ____.
 A: enabler
 B: browser
 C: server
 D: scanner
On a personal computer, all of the processor's functions typically reside on a single chip, often called a ____.
 A: megaprocessor
 B: miniprocessor
 C: maxiprocessor
 D: microprocessor
A mini-tower model computer usually is ____ inches tall.
 A: 13
 B: 16
 C: 21
 D: 24
Users with mobile computing needs, such as business travelers, often have a ____.
 A: mainframe
 B: notebook computer
 C: supercomputer
 D: desktop computer
A ____, such as Web-TV, sits on top of or next to a television set and allows users to access the Internet and navigate Web pages using a device that resembles a remote control.
 A: smart phone
 B: dumb terminal
 C: docking station
 D: set-top box
____ are capable of processing more than 12 trillion instructions in a single second and are used in applications requiring complex, sophisticated mathematical calculation.
 A: Handheld computers
 B: Mainframes
 C: Internet appliances
 D: Supercomputers
Efforts to narrow the gap in the ____ include establishing community training centers and supplying teachers and students with necessary technology.
 A: digital revolution
 B: program revolution
 C: digital divide
 D: program divide
____ include a range of people such as sales representatives, marketing managers, real estate agents, insurance agents, meter readers, package delivery people, journalists, consultants, and students.
 A: Home users
 B: Small business users
 C: Mobile users
 D: Power users
Examples of ____ include engineers, architects, desktop publishers, and graphic artists.
 A: home users
 B: small business users
 C: mobile users
 D: power users
Some Web sites are called ____ because they allow users to create an online photo album, and they store digital photographs free of charge.
 A: photo-essays
 B: photo opportunities
 C: photo-offsets
 D: photo communities
The mouse controls the movement of a symbol on the screen called a(n) ____.
 A: icon
 B: pointer
 C: kiosk
 D: chip
The circuitry in the system unit usually is part of or is connected to a circuit board called the ____.
 A: billboard
 B: soundboard
 C: motherboard
 D: snowboard
Some computer components, such as the ____, are internal and reside inside the system unit.
 A: keyboard and mouse
 B: processor and memory
 C: monitor and microphone
 D: printer and scanner
Six common ____ are a floppy disk drive, a Zip drive, a hard disk drive, a CD-ROM drive, a CD-RW drive, and a DVD-ROM drive.
 A: processing devices
 B: communications devices
 C: storage devices
 D: output devices
A ____ is a type of compact disc that has tremendous storage capacities, enough for a full-length movie.

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