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Student Data Files

Complete text projects and activities using these data files.


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Lesson 1: Microsoft Office 2010 Basics and the Internet
Lesson 1: Microsoft Windows 7 Basics: (No Data Files)

Microsoft Word 2010

Lesson 1: Microsoft Word Basics
Lesson 2: Basic Editing
Lesson 3: Helpful Word Features
Lesson 4: Formatting Text
Lesson 5: Formatting Paragraphs and Documents
Lesson 6: Working with Graphics
Lesson 7: Working with Documents
Lesson 8: Increasing Efficiency Using Word
Word Unit Review

Additional Material

Appendix A: Computer Concepts: (No Data Files)
Appendix B: Keyboarding Touch System Improvement: (No Data Files)
Appendix C: Differences between Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP: (No Data Files)
Appendix D: Using SkyDrive and Office Web Apps